FEON Cryptobank


Dear Investors, for your convenience, the FEON project team has prepared limited packets of FBC tokens of different numbers. With the help of VISA / Mastercard bank cards, as well as "MIR" cards, you can purchase them by going to the gateway links listed below:

After making the payment for your chosen package, we ask you to send a digital copy of the payment order, as well as your crypto-purse number (for crediting FBC tokens) to the following e-mail: info@feon.io, if for any reason you do not have crypto-purse, specify this fact in the message sent (in this case, we will help you to get your personal crypt purse and we will enroll your FBC tokens there). We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the above data is needed by Us in order to verify you as a payee in the form of FBC tokens. With Respect, Team project FEON!

BONUSES AT PURCHASE OF TOKENS from October 15 to November 30!

  • +30 %
    from 45 000 FBC
  • +25%
    from 30 000 FBC
  • +20%
    from 10 000 FBC
  • +15%
    from 30 000 FBC
  • +10%
    from 25 FBC

Distribution of tokens

Total Issued
tokens - 300,000,000 FBC
Standard tokens - Ethereum ERC20 Reception of funds is possible in: ETH, BTC, LTC and other crypto-currencies